Henchmen Records Presents: Brooklyn Bash

Henchmen Records, Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn present Brooklyn Bash featuring Sean Price, Illadynamix, Dama Nilz, Duece Bug & The Full Blast Summer Tour.

30 Year Anniversary: Red Hook Old Timers Day Gala

22 Fleet, Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn present 30th Anniversary of the Red Hook Old Timer’s Day Gala at SRB Brooklyn. Featuring DJ Leslie G, Younganut & Fort Nox w Live Entertainment.

22 Fleet Presents: The Platform Part 6

22 Fleet, SRB Brooklyn and Arden Kaisman Present: The Platform Part 6 with Winston Ward, Brock, Just Dollaz, Eazybills, Big Deal Bills, Ju$$ B, Ignant Pact, Verbal Van Gogh


Rock Steady Crew Presents: 37th Anniversary Battles

Rock Steady Crew, Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn presents : 37th Anniversary Battles with DJs DV One, JS1,  Velcro & DP 1.


Rebel Night with Dances of Vice Presents: Hula Rock

Rebel Night, Dances of Vice Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn present: Barrence Whitfield w the A-Bones, Rockabilly X, The Clams and much more July 19th, 2014 at SRB Brooklyn.


@Knowblestar Presents: The Metaphysic Day Showcase

@Knowblestar, Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn Present: The Metaphysic Day Showcase featuring sets by: General Steele, Bartendaz, A-Alikes, Divine Science, Raye 6, Pudge, Karniege, DJ Masol Desar, Restrospek, Fith Seal, Tribe NyC, IAM Popula, Deniable O, RBG Fam & More.


Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn Present: Titans of Tribute

Titans of Tribute concert came to SRB Brooklyn Thursday July 3rd featuring “Lounge Act”, “Love Hate Love”, “Wicked World”, “Schism” & “Kill Em All”.


Rebel Night & Dances of Vice Present: 4th of July Market

Rebel Night, Dances of Vice, PBR, Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn presented Live Bands, Vintage & Craft Market, 50’s Record Hop, Vintage Car Show & So Much More on July 4th, 2014.


Sellassie Presents: 2 Racks Rap Contest

Sellassie, Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn Presented the 2 Racks Rap Contest at SRB Brooklyn July 2nd 2014 featuring Rap-P, Phokus, Ambitious, Second Womb, Blazin’ Caucasian + many more.


Rebel Night Presents: Buzz and the Flyers

Rebel Night, Arden Kaisman & SRB Brooklyn presents 1980’s Rockabilly Legens Buzz & The Flyers plus Richard Johnston from Memphis.